Understanding local plumbing

Hiring a Plumber in Orange County

Understanding the deep science that goes into correctly installing plumbing fixtures is crucial. Imagine if you kitchen sink just fell out and smashed your foot. or what if you were taking a shower and just feel right through the fool. That wouldn’t be to pleasant. Now imagine if you turned on your faucet to drink some water and the water was brown and you became sick. Scary, right? Well without backlow prevention assemblies that could very well happen on a regular basis. In Orange County it is very important that these devices be installed and tested by certified Orange County Backflow testers

Replacing small things around the house like a faucet or angel stop can be performed by an experienced home owner. If you do not feel comfortable making a repair or insall it is highly advice to contact a Anaheim plumber. These guys are professional plumbing contractors who work all throughout Orange and L.A. County. You always want to verify the company you choose to hire is not a fly by night company. Get a business card and check some references. The best way to check the references of a plumber in Fullerton is through online reviews.

Hiring a plumber in Southern California can be tricky. Not every plumber is the same, in fact many of them are not even qualified. As some homeowners could tell you, hiring an under qualified contractor can lead to countless sleepless nights and unwanted headaches from bills. After all contractors are not cheap and if you have to hire two contractors to do the same job the only person that looses is you.

Plumbers who are not certified in the proper installation of your chosen material should not be hired. Although state law often times does not require a certification it is an excellent way to make sure you plumber is competent. For example polyethylene pipe is fused together by melting the pipe with a hot iron. Although it sounds simple its quite the contrary. The iron has to be heated within a 5 degree range and the time in which the pipes are pressed together after that has to be precise. When the pipes are fused they create a bead. This bead is required to be no larger and no smaller than a given size.

Another quality example of how a non-licensed plumber can destroy your home is water heaters. Every home has a water heater and they are very expensive. Averaging at about $1000, this is not an item you want to have to replace twice. Unfortunately that could be the case if your contractor does not have the proper credentials. Just about every water heater manufacturer will void your warranty if improper installation occurred.

You can be in for a treat if you have a below average install of a garbage disposal. These things are made to chop through everything with ease. The problem is they are connected to an electrical outlet located under the sink. So when you have a leak around your faucet things can get shocking real quick. A 120 volts for electricity is not something for the faint of heart.

Trimming trees

3 Things everyone should know about tree trimming.

Trimming trees is a precise science. Trimming at the wrong time or even in the wrong way can paralyze a plant and stunt its growth. At the same time proper maintenance needs to be performed on trees to keep the landscape appealing. Far to often though homeowner will make the common mistake of trimming in the wrong way and causing more of disaster than a curb appeal.
thing you will want to keep in mind before you trim any trees:

  1. What season is it?
  2. What type of tree, bush or plant are you considering cutting?
  3. What is the climate like?

When cutting a tree the most important thing to keep in mind is climate. If you perform this task in the wrong climate you will stun your tree and prevent it from growing and occasionally cause the plant to die. if you are considering pruning a fruit tree you also might want to take a look at this wiki as it is very informative.

On a side note as well recently we had to replace some conduit in the ground that ran right under our front yard tree. We were able to use a trenchless method to leave the tree intact. that link may be useful to you if you find yourself in the same predicament.

Trenching with a backhoe

What is a backhoe

A backhoe if a piece of excavating equipment. It consist of an arm also called a boom with a bucket on the end. This bucket has teeth which can be pushed downward into the earth and then maneuvered to scoop out dirt. These machines are run by hydraulics and required hydraulic oils. To maintain these large machines you also need to grease the moving joints with a grease gun regularly. These machines should only be operated by qualified personnel under the supervision of a watch. These machines are large and have many blind spots. This is why it is never advised to operate one without a spotter.


When doing a construction job you will occasionally need to dig a trench. Whether it be for electrical conduit or roughing in plumbing facilities, this is a common occurrence. For small size trenches not traveling far in length that tend to be shallow you will usually dig manually.

Manual Trenching

When digging shallow small length hole you will most likely want dig it manually. Some of the tools you would use in a manual dig are:

  • Pick ax
  • Round shovel
  • Flat shovel
  • Trenching shovel

Possible the most important of the tools above are the trenching shovel and pick ax. A trenching shovel is a long slender head shovel that is pointed this allows you to dig in tight small spaces and around objects you might find in your trench. The pick ax work wonders when the dirt you are digging is very compact and hard to break. You can swing the pick ax over your head giving it much more force than a common shovel.

Power tools and trenching

If using a pick ax is still to difficult you may look to using a power tool. The best tools to use for this would be a rotary hammer. These tools often have shovel tips which you can put into the drill. By then setting the drill on hammer mode you can easily break tough hard dirt with ease. Keep in mind these tools are often large and very heavy so although making the digging easy, it still makes for a tough job. This is especially true if the are you are trenching is large.

Backhoe trenching

As with all the above methods if there is any concrete or asphalt on top of the dirt you are planning to dig you will need to saw cut the concrete. Once you have done this you will want to get a backhoe team. It is recommended at least 2 people, one operator and one spotter. Determine if your trench will need to be level or graded. If you decide your trench needs to be sloped then make sure your spotter is checking the depth every couple shovelfuls or so. It is very easy to over excavate a hole so make sure the spotter is well prepared and paying close attention. Pay close attention to the open of the trench when driving the backhoe. These machines are heavy and can tip easily so take caution with your movements. A great tip for making these holes easier to cover up is to drop the dirt along side the trench. The closer the dirt is to the trench the easier it will be to cover the trench when finished.